Nov 6, 2018

Al Shabaab incapable of attack on Kenya

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Following a sharp decline in kinetic attacks by the Al Shabaab terror group, reports have now emerged of underhand tactics that the organization has now adopted to feign relevance. This comes after several notices of impending attacks in Nairobi by the organization were circulated across various social media in an attempt to instill fear into the Kenyan public.

The notices, purported to be from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, were all denounced by the Inspector general as fake news even as he assured Kenyans that there were no impending attacks. This speaks of a dramatic change in Al Shabaab’s modus operandi as lack of resources now seems to bite at the core of the outfit.

Rising defiance from local communities has also created a new conundrum for the outlawed group as they are now unable to sell fear, one of their biggest weapons. Several cases have been reported of villagers fighting back against the group as they tried to recruit young men from the local villages. This has served to stifle most of their operations as they are no longer able to hide within the local communities.

Al Shabaab now seems to have run out of options and are now turning back to social media to try and regain some form of relevance in the eyes of the Kenyan public. The government together with the various security agencies have however assured Kenyans of improved vigilance even as the defunct group now sits at its deathbed.

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