Oct 30, 2018

Al Shabaab Is Leveraging On Ethnic Differences, Kenyans Warned

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Following enhanced counter-terrorism strategies by personnel under the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) both ideologically and militarily, the Al Shabaab militia group is on its knees.

Consecutive weeks of military offensives in Al Shabaab hotspots have seen thousands of militants wiped out and ammunition, equipment, and weapons seized. With inadequate militants, operations have been crippled and the group is trying to get up from its deathbed.

Authorities now warn that the militia group hopes to leverage on ethnic clashes in Kenya’s North-Eastern region and parts of Somalia. Militants who have fled from camps in Somalia are said to be masquerading as residents in Somali inhabited regions.

With the existing ethnic differences among communities, the Al Shabaab aims at amplifying these inadequacies to recruit militants. One of the strategies used by the militia group is the destruction of property where the militants who go unnoticed raid homes of rival communities to insinuate counter-attacks between the villages.

This being the weak link, security officers are now asking citizens to be keen, not to fall for the trick and instead be more vigilant in order to flush out militants in hiding. Some of the clashes are said to be instigated by the terrorist group in order to achieve more division and therefore benefit from it.

This comes a week after security officers nabbed fleeing militants who had abducted young boys and girls in a track purporting to transport stacks of hay en route Somalia.


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