Oct 25, 2018

Al Shabaab Militants Found Dead By The Road-Side

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Ten Al Shabaab militants were on Wednesday evening found dead along a road leading to Dujuma town in Southern Somalia after an attempt at planting an IED went awry and it detonated prematurely. Locals reported hearing a loud blast in the distance and immediately contacted security forces at a nearby base even as some of them rushed to the scene to investigate.

“We found ten bodies of masked men in camouflage uniform and immediately knew they were Al Shabaab.” Said one of the local men who was first at the scene.

According to him, the militants’ bodies had been badly burnt from the explosion that left a big crater in the middle of the road.

Officers from the KDF soon revealed that a convoy of supplies from Baadere was to pass through that road later that day. The explosion was a welcome relief even as they had increased surveillance along the route.

Al Shabaab militants have increasingly found it difficult to lure bomb and explosive experts due to lack of funds, leading to an influx of unqualified technicians and faulty components. This explosion is not the first recorded IED malfunction as just months earlier, another militant blew himself up in a room in Hosingow town after using substandard components in the assembly process.

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