Oct 25, 2018

Al Shabaab Militant Accidentally Shoots himself in the middle of execution exercise

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There was a mixture of shock, anger and relief when a Tanzanian born Al Shabaab executioner accidentally shot himself in the face after his rifle backfired on Wednesday evening near the town of Qoryoley in southern Somalia.

The execution was meant for a couple who had been charged with sharing information with security forces that led to the death of 2 Al Shabaab members the previous day.

The said militant is reported to have entered the town with two of his comrades, ranting and cursing at the residents before he suddenly kicked in the door to one of the houses. Moments later amid shouting and screaming, he and his cohorts came out dragging one Mr. Hussein Qabale along with his wife while they continuously slapped and kicked them savagely. A small crowd had slowly gathered outside the house due to the commotion even as one of the militants stated the charges preferred against the couple all in Somali.

His fellow militant the Tanzanian, aimed and cocked his rifle at the head of Mr. Hussein. There was a momentary silence before a small explosion took everyone by surprise, followed by the backward fall of the militant almost slow motion.

As the other militants went to check on him, Mr. Qabale and his wife managed to escape into the crowd leaving an awkward scene as the two Al Shabaab militants woke up slowly to the stares of a few hundred angry men, women and children.

With hands held up, they slowly backpedaled to the outskirts of the town straight into the hands of a KDF unit on patrol amid cheers from the locals. Reports suggest they are now being held in an undisclosed location for intelligence purposes.

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