Oct 16, 2018

KDF officers catch up with fleeing Shabaab in Lamu

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3 Al shabaab militants were on Tuesday found hiding in a cave with severe gunshot wounds by Kenyan security forces on patrol. The Injured militants were part of a 15 man group that was ambushed inside Boni forest leading to the death of 8 militants.
Security forces acted on a tip-off by one of the wounded militant’s family members that several armed men were planning an attack on a police station in Lamu County. Security forces reacted swiftly and sent a unit of soldiers to survey the mentioned area, catching the militants by surprise.
A gunfight ensued leaving five militants dead while the rest ran for their lives. It was later discovered after a long pursuit that the militants had decided to leave three of their comrades behind on the premise that they were slowing them down.
One of the militants was shot in the knee, while the others both had bullet wounds to their torsos. They were rushed to the nearest health center under heavy security and will be availed for trial.
KDF presence has significantly increased in and around Boni forest following a string of IED attacks, the latest killing five soldiers.

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