Oct 15, 2018

Security Agencies On High Alert Over Planned Terror Attacks

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Security personnel are on high alert following intelligence reports that al Shabaab are planning to attack KDF and police camps in Mandera county.

The Anti-Stock Theft Unit camp in El Ram, Mandera South, was identified as the main target.

The militants are also planning to attack the Daba City GSU camp, AP’s Rural Border Patrol Unit’s and KDF’s Special Forces camps in Elwak and Kotulo. The terror group is said to have been planning a major attack on the police camp to revenge the killing of 20 militants by KDF airstrikes.

Two Land Cruisers mounted with machine guns were also destroyed in the aerial bombardments in the West of El Adde on Tuesday.

Al Shabaab had reportedly assembled eight vehicles and 400 militants in readiness for the attack. El Adde commander Abdirahman Fillow is said to have summoned the militants on Saturday night.

Intelligence reports indicated a Land Cruiser loaded with anti-aircraft gun was on standby for attacking choppers should Kenya attempt to use them in countering the attack. The militants were planning to leave El Adde on Saturday towards Kenya in two groups using different routes.

The terrorists believe conquering the camps will allow them gain control of the stretch between Wajir and Mandera counties.

Northeastern regional police commander Edward Mwamburi said the planned attack “are things we cannot discuss with the press”.

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