Sep 19, 2018

Court Charges Four In Connection To Westgate Attack

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More than 145 witnesses have testified in the Westgate trial in which four men are accused of conspiracy to commit terrorist acts.  At least 67 people were killed and hundreds more injured in the attack on September 21, 2013.

The case was pending for four and a half years. Yesterday, the prosecution closed its case after lead investigator Charles Ogeto, attached to the anti-terrorism unit, finished lengthy testimony.

The officer has been in the witness box for almost a month, describing the attack in detail and taking the court through several exhibits. Ahmed Abdi, Liban Omar, Adan Dheq and Hussein Mustafa have denied conspiring to carry out the attack.

Abdi alone faces charges of being a member of Al Shabaab. He was found with videos titled Training Series in Swahili and Ambush at Bardale, which the prosecution said could facilitate terrorism.

All parties are to file final submissions by Friday and a judgment date will be set.

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