Sep 19, 2018

Al Shabaab Kidnapping Residents In North Eastern Region

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Cases of missing persons in North Eastern region have been on the rise in recent days. Intelligence reports are now pegging these disappearances to Al Shabaab activities in the part of the country.

Following reports that Kenyans are being assassinated for spying allegations and backing of the Islamic state, recruitment of Kenyans in the group has been an uphill task for Al Shabaab recruiters. This resulting to mass defections of members, the leaders are said to be desperate for recruits resulting in the abduction of the young and the old, male and female.

The Al Shabaab have been very specific in their kidnappings, their main targets being Imams, children as young as six years, youth and women. Wajir and Garissa counties have been easy targets for these activities due to the proximity to the Kenya Somalia border.

Some of the missing persons are believed to be in camps in Lower Jubba and Jilib according to the security agencies in the region. Al Shabaab has adopted an easy way to kidnap by camouflaging as security personnel to reduce resistance from locals while focusing the blame on the security forces.

According to the intelligent reports Imams are of interest to the militia to facilitate the recruitment of the youths in the region. Children and women are an assurance of the militia’s generation continuity.

Security forces have confirmed to be working closely with the AMISOM forces to rescue those held against their will as well as reduce the cases of kidnappings in the region. They are also urging members of the public to cooperate in capturing the militants who are said to be camouflaging among residents.



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