Sep 6, 2018

KDF marksman takes head of Al Shabaab militant

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A High-Value Target and Al Shabaab executioner whose work was teaching new recruits how to cut off victims’ heads reportedly lost his own head to a KDF sniper’s bullet. A marksman with the KDF paratroopers blew the Al Shabaab executioner’s head off during an operation in the town of Jilib after a tip-off from locals that the high-value target was scheduled for training with the new recruits.

Reports reaching the Epuka Ugaidi desk indicate that the special forces team snuck into the terrorist held town a week ago. The sniper then got into position and waited almost 12 hours, with the target an Al Shabaab training camp almost 1200 meters away.

According to these reports, the team of paratroopers waited until the Al Shabaab commander started demonstrating to his students how to cut prisoners’ heads off. The sniper then got the all clear to fire as the militant showed cutting motions with knives, axes and a sword with his back towards the sniper’s scope.

Using a high powered rifle and aiming more than a foot off to allow for the wind, the marksman took out the Al Shabaab boss with one shot, the high caliber bullet decapitating his head clean off his neck.

The resultant confusion saw over 20 Al Shabaab recruits scatter in different directions with sources suggesting the recruits deserted the camp following the special forces operation. The commander was easy to differentiate because he wore different clothing to the other militants with all black clothes which are unlikely for Al Shabaab fighters.

KDF together with AMISOM and SNA forces have managed to pacify large chunks of Somalia with the latest being Marka town. Special forces operations by the KDF have however been very successful in taking out high-value targets even in Al Shabaab held areas as demonstrated by the above unit


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