Sep 5, 2018

KDF seize a track ferrying Al Shabaab defectors to Kenya

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Kenya Defence Force security forces have seized a track in it, Al Shabaab defectors attempting to cross the Kenya-Somalia border

The track purporting to be transporting hay into Kenya tried to veer off the main route in order to escape police checkpoints but was already on KDF’s radar. The driver is said to have resisted orders to stop which prompted officers to use force.

Tens of Kenyan-Somalis had been bundled up under the layer of hay to disguise human smuggling. The former militants among them young men, women, and children are said to have escaped an Al Shabaab camp.

The Al Shabaab defectors who were then handed over to Somalia police revealed to the security officers that the Al Shabaab infighting prompted their escape from the camp and they only needed to return home. According to the officers, some of the female defectors were heavily pregnant and needed immediate medical attention. Also, most of the male defectors lacked limbs following amputation used as a form of punishment by leaders of the militia group.

The defectors are currently in custody aiding with investigation by providing Intel on the militant group. The incident adds to the growing number of Kenyan Al Shabaab defectors in recent days.

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