Sep 5, 2018

Al Shabaab Is Targeting Kenyan Schools For Recruits

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Panic has gripped parents in Mombasa County after it emerged that Al Shabaab militants are recruiting youth from schools. This emerged after a 13-year-old boy was rescued from the hands of one of the recruiters while on their way to a neighbouring country.

The young boy, said to have prospects of becoming a sort after actor was lured by the unknown man to travel to Tanzania with promises of becoming a bongo movie star.

The boy was allegedly lured by unknown man to travel to Tanzania with promises of becoming a Bongo movie star. The minor alleged the man of Arab descent has been frequenting their school for the past two months where he has recruited several students into a radical group.

This comes just after an uproar involving disappearing youth and children in the coastal region and other parts of the country, with claims that security forces have a hand in this. Intelligence reports, however, confirm that missing persons especially youth sneak out of the country to join terrorist groups in Libya, Syria, and neighbouring Somalia among other countries.

Some of these youth are said to have snuck back to the country after escaping militia camps and are in hiding for fear of rejection by family and society. The government has however asked defectors of terror groups to surrender to authorities in order to undergo de-radicalization programmes to allow proper re-integration into the society.

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