Aug 29, 2018

Inhumane Al Shabaab Hit KDF Convoy Delivering Water And Foodstuff To Residents

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Residents of Lamu continue to face the brunt of Al Shabaab inhumanity after a humanitarian mission destined to help them turned tragic. A KDF convey delivering water and foodstuff to the locals of Lamu was hit along Kiunga and Sankuri road, regrettably 10 were injured and unfortunately, 5 succumbed to their injuries in the incident that occurred on August 29th Wednesday morning.

Locals have come out in rage over the attack terming Al Shabaab as an enemy of progress, they lauded the continued efforts and support by security forces that have consistently offered humanitarian help and have heavily contributed in the restoration of the once Al Shabaab inhabited region. “If anything this heinous incident has grounded our resolve to assist the security agents to root out these people in our are” Local resident Shabaan Bin Ali said.

Shabaan who is among the resident who rushed to scene to assist the soldiers urged his fellow resident to offer any information one may have to unearth the cowards behind the attack. “I know some of us to know these people, we have no choice but to call them out, anybody who would kill somebody bringing food, water, and medicine to my children is indeed our enemy” added Shabaan.

“KDF has been of great help in taking back our county which was previously marred by Al Shabaab attacks. We receive free medical care, food, water and even transport for our school going children from these officers. This place was completely destroyed and deserted before the officers came to our rescue.”

Residents say before the security officers were deployed, locals lived in fear and hardly made any movement around the region. “The attack will only strengthen our resolve to fight the Al Shabaab until we achieve a free and peaceful Lamu.”

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