Aug 27, 2018

Fetuses discovered In An Al Shabaab Training Camp

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Several fetuses were discovered by the AMISOM troops when they ambushed an Al Shabaab training camp in the Gedo region in Somalia. The fetuses were trashed in a shallow pit about 500 meters from where they train. They were covered in black plastic bags.

There was a quick exchange of fire before the AMISOM forces accessed the camp after the militants had retreated and disappeared with injuries into the bush. The Kenya Defense Forces managed to kill two, arrested four militants who had been badly wounded and three teenage girls.

After grilling the captured militants, they confessed atrocities committed against captured teenagers among them being forceful abortion. They however said they lacked a medical practitioner to carry out abortion thus they administered it themselves. Questioned further, they confessed several girls have died week while undergoing abortion.

“Most of the time we use traditional medicine or physical insertion of objects until the fetus is out. Some of these fetuses are used for traditional cleansing before we go for battles.” Concluded one of the captives.

The girls were attended to by the KDF doctors whose report indicates that the girls had been sexually assaulted. They were airlifted to Nairobi for further treatment. The captured militants are still in the military custody.

There have been reports of Al Shabaab recruiting young girls to use them a sex slaves, some of them as young as eight years old. This was the second time in a row the AMISOM troops were discovering such heinous acts involving Al Shabaab.

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