Aug 14, 2018

Security Forces Launch Joint Offensive Against Al Shabaab

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Somali National Army (SNA) forces, along with African Union peacekeeping soldiers have launched an operation in villages near Qoryoley town, days after an ambush attack left 7 soldiers dead.

The operation is aimed to disrupt the group’s militants’ activities and deny them access to strategic areas of the town, some 120km southwest of Somali capital Mogadishu.

In a phone interview, Somali army chief, Colonel Hussein Hosh has said the operation will continue until the militants are eliminated.

“This joint operation is a strong message to the Al Shabaab fighters, they better surrender and abandon their barbaric acts against the civilian population”, Hosh said.

He says Somali army backed by African Union forces conducted a joint operation to flush out the armed fighters from villages near Qoryoley town.

The operation is among others launched across Somalia and along Kenyan borders against the militants who continue to lose physical presence in the country. The new strategy settled upon by the African Union troops aim to strengthen the Somali army in line with building back Somalia.

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