Jul 26, 2018

Clan Militia Tired Of Forceful Recruitment Kill Al Shabaab Militants

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At least 17 Al Shabaab militants have been killed in a battle between the Al Qaeda allied group and clan militia in the country’s central semi-autonomous region of Galmudug.

Somali state-run Radio Muqdisho reported that the fighting in the Haradheere area had been triggered by Al Shabaab forcefully recruiting teenagers into their ranks.

“Al Shabaab is destroying our future generation by recruiting our young boys into their ranks for by force, we have decided enough is enough and we are ready to fight them and work with AMISOM forces to stop this ugus,” said Ahmed Aliow a resident.

Al Shabaab also imposed Zakat as compulsory ‘tax’ on the residents yet it is meant to be charity. The extortion of monies has angered residents, hence the move to take up arms against the militia group.

“We attacked Al Shabaab and defeated them but, al Shabaab got reinforcement from their groups back in the bushes, but still we fought till they ran out of bullets,” a local elder, Farah Ahmed, from the Haradheere area said.

Al Shabaab has faced several uprisings even in areas they claim to control as residents are getting fed up with their greed and lack of respect for the religion they claim to be fighting for.

By Imposing Zakat and forcefully taking children from their mothers to be used as suicide bombers, they are violating Islamic teachings yet they claim to subscribe to the religion.

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