Oct 31, 2017

State leaders call for a united front against Al Shabaab

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State leaders L-R: Mohamed Ware (HirShabelle) Sharif Adan (South-West) Ahmed Madobe (Jubbaland) and Abdiweli Gaas (Puntland) address the media Oct 31, 2017 in Mogadishu

State leaders have called for unity and one voice to defeat extremist groups in the country noting political disputes and differences weighed against attempts to stabilize the country.

The leaders who are meeting in Mogadishu with President Farmaajo said the war against Al-Shabaab can only be won if Somalis put their minds and resources towards eliminating extremist group.

Puntland leader Abdiweli Gaas said time for conveying condolences and waiting for another attack was over. “Many Somalis been killed by the enemy and sending is a condolence is a normal thing but the best thing is to reply with an action of what happened,” said Gaas.

Gaas stated Al-Shabaab managed to propagate its seductive ideology across the land yet ‘they are scattered in groups of five people in bush. “We must foster an opposite ideology. Where are our Sheikhs and Islamic groups like Islah, Allu-Sheikh and the rest? Why are they not propagating the right religion? Where are our traditional leaders,” charged Gaas.

On his part, Galmudug leader Ahmed Haaf called for an end to political squabbling in the country and focus on uniting the people in stabilising the country. “Every Somali leader must bury the hatchet and stand for the defense of the country. If we don’t come up with a united front, I don’t think we will survive for long,” said Haaf.

Haaf called for forgiveness to save the country. “Somalis stand up for the country. Somalia is going down the cliff. Let us forgive each other; let us unite today.”

South West leader Sharif Sheikh Adan said it was unfortunate leaders had to use choppers every time they have to travel from one part of the country to another because the land was not safe. “We seem to control the airspace as extremists control the land. We fly but not use the roads because the land is not safe. We must redeem our land as well,” said Adan.

Jubbaland’s Ahmed Madobe said Somalis must wrest control of their country and take the war to Al-Shabaab. “We are fighting with men who claim a religious cause. Let us fight them since they took the wrong ideology.”

Source: Goobjoog News

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