Jun 7, 2017

Foreign Warplanes Conduct Air Bombardment on Al-Shabaab Base near Jilib Town

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Foreign warplanes in Somalia have carried out an overnight bombardment against Al-Shabaab positions in Jilib.

Suspected U.S. warplanes carried out air sorties against Al-Shabaab training and logistics base in the terrorists’ controlled region and near Jilib town in Middle Jubba, Southern Somalia.

OSINT reports indicate that the raids began with air bombardment targeted a terrorist camp at Welmarow, about 65 kilometers away from Jilib. Jilib serves as the biggest Al-Shabaab headquarter and stronghold located in Southern Somalia.

Corresponding reports from locals indicate that before the raid, foreign warplane planes had earlier dropped leaflets in Jilob town an hour before the attack on Welmarow area, warning residents to abandon Al-Shabaab bases, for imminent aerial attack.

U.S. and Kenyan military has stepped up special operations targeting Al-Shabaab bastions and its top leaders in south and central Somalia over the past few months.

Source: Strategic Intelligence Service

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