Jun 5, 2017

Intensify efforts to avert terror attacks

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The terrorist attack in England at the weekend in which seven people were killed and 48 injured, has revealed a new trend that could see an escalation in these crimes.

The attackers are using more brazen and less sophisticated methods, but with the potential to equally inflict maximum damage and disrupt normal life in the places targeted.

The terrorists used a truck to plough into a crowd of unsuspecting victims on a public road.

They then came out of the vehicle and stabbed more of their victims with knives.

This threat from the enemy within is similar to our own situation in northern Kenya, with the recent fatal attacks on security personnel.

We live in a world today that is faced with a deadly threat from people who are ready to die for their warped religious beliefs, but after unleashing mayhem.

As the authorities in the north eastern region have acknowledged, some wayward Kenyans are facilitating Al-Shabaab attacks on their compatriots.

The locals are lending their knowledge of their areas and identifying possible targets to help the terrorists.

We could not agree more with British Prime Minister Theresa May, who while condemning the new London attack, said the strategy for fighting terrorism has to change.

There is a need for greater vigilance and monitoring of suspects.

In nearly three months in England, there have been three deadly attacks by suspected homegrown terrorists and there is a possibility of more happening.

However, the lesson we can learn from British counter-terrorism agencies is swift action, with nearly 10 suspects immediately arrested, whose interrogation should yield useful information.

Our own officials involved in terrorism operations should also borrow a leaf from their UK counterparts on how to deal with the enemy hiding in the community.


But more importantly, terrorism being an international threat calls for greater co-operation between countries.

Of course, the long-term strategy is to prevent the radicalisation of youth and intensify efforts to break up terror networks.

But the most immediate challenge is to do everything possible so that the people can go on with their normal lives.

Source: Daily Nation

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